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Haley K said…And how bout this…what is your favorite breakfast? lunch? dinner? dessert? Mine are german pancakes, chicken pesto paninis, sushi, and anything with icecream :)
I love these kind of questions! For breakfast, I love waffles with mapple syrup, lunch I like a good beef cheese quesadilla accompanied in sour cream, and dinner spaghetti or yummy thai food. Man, I am hungry! Dessert, anything anything anything chocolate. Specifically, chocolate cake with frosting.Wow, I am craving all these food at the same time. Not normal. Thanks for asking!
I wish I liked sushi, but I can’t stand fish, I want to try the German pancakes really bad, love paninis, and ice cream is delicious.
Jessica said..I love your hair in this post http://www.cottonandcurls.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/icon18_wrench_allbkg.png2011/05/squishy-cheeks.html how do you do it?
It is so easy! First, your hair needs to be dry (make sure you haven’t used a flat iron on it…it will not curl as well), put whatever products you want in it, then I split my hair into 2 sides (like you are doing side braids). Start with the hair at the bottom (nape of neck) in 1 to 2 inch sections (depending on how thick your hair is) and twist it around a curling iron with a one inch barrel. Hold it for 5 seconds and let go. Finish at your bangs. At that point when everything is curled, you look like you are going to the prom – so to deprom – comb through with your fingers/comb/or lightly with a brush. Then add hair wax or something to finish it off and seal it. I could do a video if this isn’t a good enough explanation.
NanyBrazilian said…
what’s your diet and exercise regime? I’m terrified of having a kiddo because i’m afraid of what I’ll look like after.. your little one is pretty small and you look great!!!
Well, breastfeeding made me loose my weight and them some within 6 months after I had him. It was crazy. But of course when I finished breastfeeding, I gained 10 pounds in one week, I was a little bit freaked out. So, that is when my dieting kicked in. I basically eat whatever I want but in small portion sizes. Instead of 3 slices of pizza 1 -1.5 pieces. Instead on 3 tacos, just 1 to 2. When I eat desserts, I never have a second serving…things like that. I do a LOT of weights and a little bit of cardio. I see the best results that way! Don’t be afraid, as long as you work hard at it, you will be back to before baby weight quick!
Harley said…
do you know how to alter necklines on dresses? I have some that I picked up at the thrift store and i just want to lower it a little. Suggestions?
What I usually do is fold the front in half with the side seams matching, then cut starting from the the shoulders down toward the center of the shirt to as low and round/or v-neck-ish that you would like! Then  fold the new neckline inside just a little and topstitch!m Or you can make your own bias tape/ribbing and you just sew that own. But I think the first way is easier!
Courtney said…
how did you make the mans blue button down into that really cute shirt?
So easy! I split the oversized top into two, then took the top half and fit it/sewed it tight to my body making sure it hits a few inches below my natural waist. Then I took the bottom half, make sure it is the length you want, then gathered it at the waist. Then pin right sides together at the waist and sew! Then with the extra material I made a matching band to cover where the top and bottom were sewn together
alli said…
Lizzy-poo! I was looking at some of my clothes the other day and I’m sick of layering but some of them the neckline is too wide or too low. What are recommendations for making the neckline more modest or whatever so that I don’t have to wear an undershirt under everything? And give Beck a smooch from Aunt Alli. He is de-lish.
Hey sister-in-law, long time no talk! Anyway, I’m SOOO sick of this problem toooo! I hate layering, covering, pulling up and so on. I think an easy and very affordable way, which I’m sure you have thought of if to buy some really cute trimming, like lace or something eyelit,  or buy some fabric  that matches (unless you want it to be a different color) and sew it to a low shirt. If you don’t feel like buying anything, you can steal fabric from the sleeves or bottom and attach it to the neckline.  I think a lace trimming would be the cutest and easiest to attach.
I couldn’t come up with a better question but, what sewing machine you use?? I’m in love with the glass around the plateholder.
I use a Bernina 220, I bought the plateholder extra and just stick it on when I need it! Which is most of the time.
LeeRitz45 said…
I’m not sure if you can open this, but I bought this Sugar Kisses dress from ModCloth and love the look of it and the fit except it’s TOO short! Do you have any suggestions? It doesn’t work even with tights!
I know EXACLTY what you should do! Either 1. match up some of the same fabric and sew it to the end of the dress or  2. you can purchase a slip that has extra little frills at the bottom that will add a little flare and modesty…you can check some out sold at Quincess’s Boutique (click the button at the right), they are called slip extenders or just slips.

In your post with the orange VW and the purple trees, your hair looks lighter on the bottom than the top. Is it naturally like that or dyed? It is really pretty and I have been wanting to dye my hair ombre! Thanks <3
No, it isn’t ombre, it is the sun/old high lights from high school…but I will say, my sister-in-law emily ombres her hair ALL the time and she even made an awesome video on it. You can check it out here!