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Rules for signing up:
You must refashion, restyle, upcycle, redesign or what have you, at least 3 times a month!
You can refashion clothing, furniture or whatever.
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Screen shot 2011-04-16 at 7.47.40 AM.png

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Here is how to add this to your sidebar:
1. Copy the entire html link that is in the box below the refashion button.
2. Go to the layout page
3. Click the add gadget
4. Choose the html gadget
5. When that box pops up, click the read html button in the top right
6. Paste the html code in that box.
7. Then click the rich text in the top right to see the what the image will look like
8. If there are any funny looking characters (like a box with a question mark or slashes) or whatnot, then just delete it.
9. Click save
10. Return to the layout page and drag the html box where you want it to be on your sidebar and click save.