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Here are just a few from you guys during Summer Lovin’ week…check out the rest of the flickr group here! You guys are AMAZING!

Lace ShirtDIY Lace Shorts
 via,  via



Rolling Stone Vest


Jen from Jen’s Own Road made this amazing dress…maybe a romper, non-ruffled version for beck? Still too girlie? (part 1)

Danni from DinDin Does sports some adorable knotted bracelets.
Super cute high waisted shorts from Cindy of Cation Designs
Ashleigh from the Cramers made this nautical top and skirt into a sweet dress.
Joanna from Up a Tree Cup of Tea made these little onesies


Federica makes this striped dress, with an anchor studded bow.

Elena from randomly happy today has a cute new jean top…love!

Haley from the whimsy diaries made this cute dress to share among the sisters, I wish I could share a wardrobe with someone!!

Em Dickson, if you didn’t know by now, is a super cute new momma and also my sister-in-law, who also happens to have an amazing fashion and lifestyle blog. She also does the funnest things with her hair! I wish I had the guts!! Check out her DIY ombre hair tutorial here!

If you haven’t checked out her blog yet, she is AWESOME! Kate from See Kate Sew is the sweetest girl with the biggest sewing talent! She posted this floral crown during her ruffles 2012 challenge and I really want one!

Stephanie from hair and make up by steph shows us 10 ways to dress up an updo here, go there to see the remaining 8!
Megan from Amazomeg made this cute hair garland here…perfect for summer

I love this idea! I made my own bow blazer, in a more permanent way….but this is genius! You can easily put this onto any blazer, shirt, jacket or what have to make whatever item more fitted. Go to Tiffany’s blog meek and chic for the tutorial.

Because I’ve been unintentionally doing a themed pant week over here, I wanted to post about these amazing bleached tied-yed pants Sophie from by Sophie refashioned. AMAZING right?!


Rebekah from the mixed up files took out this top with some side panels, didn’t it turn out darling?! I
Melissa from I still love you is a women of many many talents, one being creative refashioning. This first one shows one easy way to add an inch to the waist..super easy.

The second is how to take out the legs of a pair of jeans, though she only takes it out a little bit, that little bit may be what adds brings more comfort to those legs.
This is Kim from Proud as Punch and her two skirts she lengthened. I love how one looks like a pintuck or new tier was added. Great work!

So excited about this one! Lahtoyah made a fur bomber hat from my tutorial! I LOOOOOVE when people send these pictures in. And isn’t she so darling in it? 

Thanks for sharing! Keep sending those in!

First up, Donatella’s, from inspiration & realization, t-shirt refashion! I love the cute bow and sheer back. Perfect for a valentine’s day?

This is Breann from thing we fancy, and this is her take on bleached jeans! Turned out amazing! 
Hanna Paal from Hapa’s Eco Renewals made a super pretty white fur collared sweater refashion for her mom for Christmas. Isn’t it pretty?

Lucija makes a pretty leopard print fur scarf and teaches you how! Though it is in croatian, the pictures speak very well for itself. 

Evanne from Simply Fabulous makes a circular fur vest….so awesome! Check it out!
Elena made some fur cuffs, nice way to spice up your outfit! Though this is in Spanish, the pictures also speak from themselves too.
For this week’s Sew and Tell is a pretty lace embellished tee by Hanna from hapa’s eco renewals
Meet cute Krista from Lazy Saturdays and her new skirt……made from a men’s top! AWESOME! And look how even more cute it is on her. You must click on her Trashion link too…you will be amazed!

Anyway, meet the lovely Nicole and this lovely bow tied top she made from scratch! 
Check out these two awesome tutorials from Michael Ann….
DIY ombre, check out how she does it!
And her remake on a man’s shirt!
Learn how to shorten a leather/fabric belt…it looks like it was bought that way!!! 
 my sister-in-law Emily did her own version of the bleaching pink post I did a little bit ago. Hers turned out AMAZING. I want her newly pink shirt….along with the rest of her wardrobe. Please check it out and her awesome blog!
First….Brittany, from a fine triangle,  NO SEW headband! YES! No sewing, and it is so stinkin’ adorable. I’m seriusly going to make a ton with all the millions of fabric scraps I have. 
Second, Fabiola from Fab Handmade with this cute fold over clutch tutorial! Also, something to make from my ever growing fabric scrap pile. Thanks girls!
The first person is a blog buddy of mine who is VERY talented, Melissa from I still Love you. The tutorial she sent in is SO perfect for today because she teaches us about hand-sewing (here), which is very much needed for yesterday’s blazer refashion. You have to check her out!
This is Nay from Sweet Lemonayde with her knit circle top…what talent for an eighth grader! 

We have more then one this week because one is sewing and one isn’t…but I HAD to include it.
First, this is Rebekah from the Mixed-up Files and she made a square top from my tutorial! I was SO excited that – 1. she used my tutorial and 2. that is turned out so AWESOME! I love the details on the sleeves and the pretty necklace that was paired with it.

And second, my high school friend Randy Bishop is a BEYOND amazing artist and he sent me a link the other day of a illustration based on one of my photos. I was so excited that I had to post it. Isn’t he so talented? You can check out the rest of his work here!
Jessica from a Little Gray is Awesome! Quite the quilting goddess! But here is her Quick and Granny (doily shirt redo)
My sister-in-law Satyra made some refashioned pants into skinnies! Tutorial here.
Mary’s Meanderings (loving the pom poms)
smunch (this was her grandmother’s dress!)
Sew her style (hello maxi..I think I love you)
Rich and Celeste (there are a million refashions on this post!)
Haute to Sew (check out the details on the shirt!)
Iris Inspired (the fabric is to DIE for)
Madison Avenue (Starting young)
beautifulsimpleunexpected has such a cute refashion…and baby.
fab refashions this as well as a cute black blazer you need to see back on her blog.
refindrebel is sooo beautiful and has awesome ideas.
Rad rag designs has some awesome and creative refashions.
Cation Designs has SO much talent. Love her.
The Mixed Up files…I want this dress.
Check out Heidi’s world with her sewing and cute little baby boy/
Camp Patton is such a cute blog, especially if you want some advice on dressing when pregnant.
Coca Cola Island is super new, but has adorable refashions.

To start off today’s GCW refashions by readers is one of the most talented sewing ladies ever, Heather. I can say this because I know her personally! That right, we’ve hit up a secretive sewing factory and everything. Anyway, check her out at feather’s flight!
The Second is Recycled Fashion who does a ton of awesome upcycling…she has great ideas!
The third is cuddle, crafts, and cupcakes she is new to the blogosphere so check her out!
Is from Sisterhood of the Craftypants! Look how cute these have turned out! Aren’t these girls amazing?! Thanks for sending it in!