+ - - - - - - DIY velvet jumpsuit – for wedding, holiday or party!


or your next project find an oversized dress made with rich color and soft velvet and turn it into this fun cropped, wideleg jumpsuit that’s versatility allows you to wear it to a casual brunch or a wedding. This flattering silhouette excentuates your body in all the right places creating that head turning look!

DSC03358baDSC03363  DSC03369

+ - - - - - - 1 hour sherpa coat and layer or DOWNSIZE a coat


The easiest way to winterize a fall jacket is to throw a layer under it, and I love the look and style of a sherpa layer. Its very warm and adds texture.









+ - - - - - - the MOST versatile Dress DIY refashion

When I think of denim or chambray, I think versatility…but when that item is a midi dress then I think…year round usage no matter the occasion! Thats why this dress may be one of the most versatile. It can be just worn in the summer with some sandals or in the dead of winter with knee high boots, beanie and puffy coat or when you are running errands around town with sneakers and a tee shirt. Endless combinations. So grab your ugly denim jumper (they are a dime a dozen) from your local thrift store and get started.


Here are some more outfits that I literally threw together in a few minutes…literally this dress goes with EVERYTHING.

C0033.MP4.17_03_23_29.Still002 C0032.MP4.16_59_03_26.Still004 C0033.MP4.17_05_16_02.Still006 C0032.MP4.17_00_02_12.Still001

+ - - - - - - DIY eyelet flutter sleeve top from valance refashion


This was a super simple refashion, made a little more difficult with the optional lace-up. A perfect summer transition to fall top with layering a fun possibility. You can leave it with nothing underneath and get this peak-a-boo sides or you can layer something underneath and make it look like a whole new cozier top.

beforeDSC03175 DSC03156 DSC03194 DSC03185

+ - - - - - - Little Girl’s Room Makeover with 5 easy DIYs

When I first moved into this house I was 6 months pregnant with a girl and was dreaming of the time I get to decorate her room. It wasn’t exactly top priority to decorate it, so I just threw in an old yellow rocking chair, dark wood furniture and wood shelves and a sheep rug. Bare bones. It look me 3 whole years to finally tackle this project and I’m SO happy its finished and I love how it turned out. I was going for a white room with pops of color inspired by a French modern, yet girly vibe. I thrifted and DIYed the majority of the room, as well as bought some budget friendly pieces. Keep reading through to see befores and afters and some DIYs! And check out my favorite thing in the room…Beddy’s Beddy (its amazing).


These are my 1 hour book ledges that happen to have become one of my most favorite DIYs I’ve ever done. They make a huge impact on the look of the room by books becoming art and it helped free up space for my daughter to play.

romeroom2 romeroom7 IMG_2401.00_06_06_01.Still003DSC02274


Another huge impact you can make on a room is updating the furniture. I traded out the old yellow bird fabric for this neutral fabric and all I simply had to do is follow a youtube tutorial (I didn’t know how to recover furniture but it was easier than expected).


excuse my very comfortable looking daughter above…ha. She just loves her bedding.C0066.MP4.11_35_29_26.Still001romeroompstest

One of the best ways you can add personality to a room is add art! After thrifting and slowly collecting some of these pieces over the years, I agonized over how to hang them. Photoshop helped me out…just take a picture of the art on the floor, cut them out in photoshop and line them up in different ways onto a bare walled image of the room and figure out what configuration you like best! Check out the photo below with the 4 options I chose from.


And bonus! thrift a piece of art that has a cool frame and have your child make their own creation. You can also do this with just a canvas or frame a paper she embellished on. It adds their own little touch.

C0049.MP4.11_30_13_00.Still001 C0056.MP4.11_32_03_07.Still001 zipper

This may not be a DIY but is definitely a GAME CHANGER…Beddy’s Bedding.  Because of the zippers on both sides, her room always looks put together and regardless of the fact that she thrashes in her sleep, this bedding doesn’t slide off her. And there is minky on the inside! I love that fabric. I neeeeeed it for my boy’s rooms.

closetACS_0010 romeroom6

Lastly, I suck at keeping a room organized, but with the help of these shelves and small bins it has really helped me out mentally. Now if only I could stay on top of laundry…

+ - - - - - - diy VERY easy 1 hour book ledges (also art or picture ledges)


Easily transition your room with these 1 hour book ledges, which could also be art or picture ledges. These ledges transformed my little girls room completely….not only did it made a plain wall full of color, it transformed all of her sweet books into art. She now loves to see all of her options and she is upstairs all the time flipping through books.

IMG_2401.00_02_07_09.Still002romeroom12 romeroom7 romeroom8IMG_2401.00_06_06_01.Still003